Share the Love this Valentine’s Day with Elmira Stove Works Appliances!

5 Feb

Pink, red and hearts…oh my! Although it is true that we should show our love to others year round, this is the time for particularly acknowledging the significant people in our lives. For that extra special person, perhaps a spouse or parent, a treat that will last far beyond the season would be one of our vintage or retro kitchen appliances! We have compiled a couple samples just to provide a vision for you; let us know what you think.

Elmira Stove Works - Antique - Cayenne Red KitchenThis white, country kitchen features the Antique collection in Cayenne Red with Nickel trim, oozing bold romance! The Antique collection highlights the ornate vintage details of a 1850s kitchen, while maintaining 21st century functionality. Each appliance can be personalized to suit the buyer’s design and cooking styles. The two “true-to-era” decorative exterior doors open to reveal a full-size, modern interior oven. Available in gas, propane, or electric with four or six burner options as well as seven color choices, two different trims, and decorative accessories, there are thousands of possible combinations possible to meet your heart’s desire.

Elmira Stove Works - Northstar - Pink KitchenThe Northstar collection is a fan favorite due to its sleek 1950s retro curves and chrome accents, as seen in this sweet, cheerful pink kitchenette. With eight standard available colors and over 200+ custom color options through RAL color technology, the ability to charm that special someone this Valentine’s Day, while also matching their personality is well within reach. New to the collection is the Model 1947 36-inch six-burner range, which brings the retro-inspired design to a professional-grade range. It has a five cubic foot, self-cleaning, true convection oven, programmable bake and clean, six easy-clean sealed gas burners (8,000 to 15,000 BTU), continuous grates, and an oversized storage drawer.

To learn more about Elmira Stove Works, its vintage- and retro-inspired products and to find a dealer, visit or call 800.295.8498.



Elmira Stove Works to Host the #KBTribeChat on Jan. 13!!

11 Jan

kbtc imageTo color or not to color? That is the question. It is an age-old query in the design industry that receives varied responses from consumers to designers to builders. Benjamin Moore recently declared “Simply White” as its Color of the Year for 2016 while Pantone provided a plethora of vivid tones for spring 2016 and announced pastel-toned Rose Quartz and Serenity as its Colors of the Year. It is no wonder the battle between color and neutrals is never ending. On January 13, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST, Elmira Stove Works will be hosting the KBTribeChat, a Twitter forum for kitchen and bath professionals held every Wednesday to discuss industry trends, news and events.  The questions provided below are designed to start a dialogue to determine where the kitchen industry stands currently, so we can predict, or perhaps just contemplate, where upcoming design trends may take us. Be sure you are following the Elmira Stove Works and KBTribeChat Twitter accounts and use the hashtag #KBTribeChat to participate. Enjoy!


Q1: What is your favorite kitchen color scheme? What color palette would you choose for your dream kitchen? #KBTribeChat

Q2:  Have you seen or noticed an impressive kitchen project recently? Tweet the photo & tag the designer / product manufacturers! #KBTribeChat

Q3: What was your favorite “wow” factor of a past kitchen project? A custom colored appliance? A bold accent to a neutral kitchen? Let us know! #KBTribeChat

Q4:  In your experience, what color, pattern and design rules are worth following when planning a kitchen? #KBTribeChat

Q5: Beyond color, how do you work shapes, curves and lines into a kitchen layout? Do you prefer linear or non-linear…or a mixture? #KBTribeChat

Q6:  In 5 years, do you see kitchen trends more color saturated or veering toward achromatic palettes with subtle color included? #KBTribeChat

If you will be attending KBIS 2016 next week, we would love to continue the conversation at Booth #N383 and show you our retro and antique kitchen appliances, including the new Northstar Model 1947 36-inch six-burner range.  Also, on Thursday, January 21 at 1 p.m., we will be hosting a giveaway drawing for the chance to win an Apple Watch!

We hope to see you there!


Elmira Stove Works Embraces the 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year

8 Dec

Every year Pantone predicts the future of design, fashion and home décor with its announcement of its bi-annual color report and annual Color of the Year. This year, the international color authority has done something new; it announced two Colors of the Year and we are ready for them! 

Elmira Stove Works Model 1950 - PhotoAs a leading manufacturer of premium, vintage-styled kitchen appliances, we have the ability for our retro-inspired products to be custom colored to match Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Respectively, the nude pink and purple-blue hues were chosen to symbolize balance and tranquility.

Our Northstar collection is well-known for its curves and chrome representing “true-to-era” 1950s design characteristics. In order to parallel the new 2016 Colors of the Year, we use color-matching technology to provide corresponding shades to the sweet, sensible Rose Quartz and cool, subdued Serenity. According to the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eisenman, the two colors reveal the natural harmony between warm, intimate rose and delicate, paradisiacal blue.Elmira Stove Works Model 1956 - Photo

“These colors will bring subtle, calming energy to kitchen spaces, whether incorporated into larger appliances such as a range and refrigerator, or as an accent color in a microwave,” says our vice-president of sales and marketing, Tony Dowling. “The custom RAL colors of Light Pink (RAL 3015) and Brilliant Blue (RAL 5007) align with the Pantone colors and are complementary to one another, while also blending well with other, varied palettes.”

In addition to the colors tailored to match the Colors of the Year, the Northstar collection can be customized to suit the other eight hues selected for Pantone’s Spring 2016 Color Report, as well as more than 200 other custom color options.

For more information about Elmira Stove Works products and custom coloring, visit or call 800.295.8498. To learn more about the Pantone Colors of the Year, go to


Pick Your Color! Custom Colored Retro Northstar Appliances

5 Nov

Our faithful Elmira Stove Works fans are quite familiar with our Northstar collection’s main eight color options, but did you know about our custom color options? That’s right! There are over 200 custom color options available for the Northstar line through RAL color technology! Whether you desire a solid hue for your kitchen’s range or a two-toned kegerator with your favorite sports team’s color for the basement, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Check out the RAL color chart below and let us know which colors or combinations you see in your dream Northstar kitchen! Don’t see exactly what you want in the RAL color chart? Elmira can color-match your appliances to any color you wish!

 alt color setting



The Model 1955 range in Red Violet (RAL 4002) is a great representation of the international color authority Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, “Marsala.”





1952Keg_RAL5005_3020 (2)





The currently undefeated New England Patriots fans will rejoice over this particular kegerator in Signal Blue (RAL 5005) and Traffic Red (RAL 3020), but your favorite teams’ colors are certainly possible, too!






1958_59_RAL2000 (2)




If you are drawn to the bold, daring colors, we can cater to your design needs as well. This Model 1958/1959 refrigerator in Yellow Orange (RAL 2000) would certainly be energizing in the morning!






1953_Microwave_RAL4010 (2)

If you prefer a more neutral kitchen with an accent color, the Model 1953 Northstar microwave may be the perfect dose of personality for your space. Here, the microwave is shown in Telemagenta (RAL 4010) may be just your type.

Elmira Stove Works Goes Gray During National Kitchen & Bath Month

13 Oct

Design history has shown gray to be synonymous with cold, sterile, boring environments. Within recent years, the color gray’s reputation has made a complete turnaround in the realm of home design. Neutral gray can be seen in every room of the home, indoors and out, having been transformed from blasé to stunning and versatile, when accessorized appropriately. In the spirit of October being National Kitchen & Bath month, Elmira Stove Works has on-trend gray products available for upcoming remodel and new construction projects.

Whether gray is the primary color or secondary accent, it can make a major impact. Our Northstar collection has various kitchen appliances available in nine standard colors, including the “stain-least” Quicksilver finish, as well as over 200 distinctive custom colors that can serve as complementary shades to a gray space. No matter the product, Elmira delivers on style, function and trend.

For more information about our kitchen appliances, visit

Quicksilver and white

The “stain-least” Quicksilver finish pays the role of a subtle neutral in this airy kitchen.

pink and slate

The Northstar collection in Flamingo Pink provides a great accent color to the slate gray cabinetry. 

Colorful Cabinetry to Complement Elmira Kitchen Appliances

1 Sep

You can probably tell that we are fully supportive of color in the kitchen. Our Northstar appliances come in nine standard colors in addition to more than 220 custom colors available through RAL color technology. With this in mind, we simply cannot be shy when it comes to designing fun, functional spaces with personality. Below, we have gathered a few of the countless cool, vibrant kitchens we admire. In the comments below, let us know which are your favorites and, if you were remodeling your kitchen, what colors you would include!

Royal Blue with a View

Photo by House Beautiful

No need to be shy with your primary palette color! Designers Beth Martell and Enda Donagher modeled this upstate New York kitchen after the homeowner’s blue and white China collection. The large windows overlooking the forest trees allow for green to be a secondary color for this room’s palette; perhaps a Mint Green Northstar appliance could make a positive design impact.


Feminine Chic


Photo by Apartment Therapy

White cabinets are a common kitchen trend; however, when paired with subtle hues such as these soft pink walls and black herringbone floor tiles, it is anything but traditional! A Flamingo Pink Northstar refrigerator would be perfectly fitting, while Buttercup Yellow would be a pleasant surprise!


Two-tone? Too Cool!


Photo by Home Designing

This super sleek, contemporary kitchen features turquoise blue lacquered overhead cabinetry with soft textured wood grain lower cabinets. Not only is it visually appealing, but the turquoise is the ideal unexpected accent element, while not being too overwhelming. A Robin’s Egg Blue Northstar microwave or dishwasher panel could be another small scale accessory to the cabinets. A Northstar refrigerator in Quicksilver would also blend seamlessly.


It’s Always Sunny


Photo by HGTV

This Mexico-inspired kitchen in Texas by Leedy Interiors is a ray of sunshine with its matching yellow cabinet and wall color. The blue patterned Mexican Talavera tiles provide a bright, tropic-like design accent to complete this vivid space. Any Northstar appliance in Buttercup Yellow, Robin’s Egg Blue or Candy Red would be a festive fit!


Bold in the Country


Photo by This Old House

This warm country kitchen is begging for one of our Cayenne Red Antique refrigerators! The red cabinets are a brave complement to the olive green walls and the green and white checkerboard-painted wood flooring.

Which kitchen is your favorite? How would you design your colorful kitchen? Let us know in the comments section!


Retro Kitchen Staples Making a 21st Century Comeback!

7 Aug

Retro kitchens and home décor trends are resurfacing in modern home design! [Although we know that they never really left]. Here are a few classic “comeback kids” of decades past. Which would you consider for your home?

Wood Paneling and Wallpaper

Wood paneling has been the nightmare of many homeowners and homebuyers. However, modern wood paneling has put an entirely new, contemporary spin on the trend. The simple switch from vertical to horizontal installation has made all the difference!

wood paneling

Rotary Phones

Remember your grandmother’s house phone with the seemingly endless, coiledphone cord? For that old sense of nostalgia, opt for a touch-tone, rotary-style phone for the kitchen. Not interested in the cord? There are cordless options as well as more contemporary styled models.

Rotary phone

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

Outdoor living styles tend to spur from interior trends, but in the case of wicker and rattan furniture, they crept their way inside from the back patio door! Chair designs are limitless with these classic pieces, and are available in more modern styles as well.



What used to be a kitchen eyesore is now being used for kitchen glamour! Whether you prefer the subtle antiqued look or high-shine luxury, brass has made a resounding comeback in kitchen hardware.brass-accents

Non-stainless Steel Appliances

For some reason, this trend resonates with us the most! For true retro authenticity, invest in vintage-style appliances with modern components. Our Northstar collection features kitchen appliances with 1950s curves and chrome accents in nine standard colors with custom colors upon request.elmira white range


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